Women in Data 2016

Women in Data 2016

Thursday 17th November
Grand Connaught Rooms, London WC2B 5DA

Developing on the success of 2015

2015 saw the inaugural Datatech Women in Data event, which was heralded as a great success by a full house of more than 100 delegates. Our speakers were truly inspirational and provided practical guidance for new and experienced data professionals, both in their presentations and during networking sessions. The event received coverage in the press and we congratulate Keynote Speaker Payal Jain who was subsequently voted Number One Data Titan in DataIQ.

Watch videos of Women in Data 2016 speakers

2016: Inspirational Keynote Speakers plus unique opportunities to learn with data experts

As well as securing more high profile Keynote Speakers, we developed the Women in Data format to enable attendees to get even closer to some of the data sector’s trailblazers in breakout sessions.

Breakout sessions covered topics such as “Delivering the perfect data presentation,” “Aiming for the C suite” and a practical in R programming. This year attendees had an expanded opportunity to engage in a group Q&A session.

The venue

After filling last year’s auditorium, we selected a venue in the Grand Connaught Rooms that held twice the number of delegates and gave us more flexibility for the day’s programme, which also included refreshments, lunch and an evening drinks reception.

Your hosts: Roisin McCarthy and Rachel Keane

We were thrilled with the turnout for last year’s event and the overwhelmingly positive feedback that came from data professionals, new and experienced. The ripple effects throughout the year have been noticeable: how many of you have sought out a mentor in 2016? Those of you who know us will not be surprised that this year we set the bar even higher to spread the word further about the importance of data and careers paths for women. 2016’s Women in Data combined more of the motivational content that we all enjoyed so much last year, coupled with heaps of practical advice.

We enjoyed welcoming back those of you who came last year, and meeting more of you who are interested in data and who want to learn more about how the sector’s super-achievers have coped and developed their careers.

Datatech Analytics
Roisin McCarthy and Rachel Keane

Roisin and Rachel have more than 24 years of recruitment experience in the data market.

They have seen the discipline of analytics evolve to become a cornerstone of many businesses and organisations from being a subset of many department in the past. Roisin and Rachel have been fortunate to work with many of the data sectors trailblazers and their insight is unrivalled.

Having been trained as executive search consultants, recruitment is their mother tongue, however data practitioners and their environments are the areas of specialism that run throughout their careers. Over the last 16 years Roisin and Rachel have facilitated some of the most influential careers in the data world and assisted in building some of the most cutting edge teams in industry.

Datatech and its recruiters have always seen the data space as a barometer; when companies are expanding or contracting teams, it’s a clear indication of movement in the wider market. They also get to monitor developments in technology and techniques and are ahead of the curve in industry trends.

Roisin and Rachel had a clear objective at the beginning of 2015, for both Datatech and the wider data community, to highlight the achievements of, and opportunities for women. This is not a cause or a mission for the ladies; it makes great business sense. By balancing teams and facilitating more female careers it broadens our client base.

Video topics, the speakers and an overview – enjoy!

In this video Georgina White discusses how data is used at British Gas, as well as the importance of team dynamics and temperaments as characterised by animals. Women in Data 2016.

This video captures Nadine Keane's presentation on the excitement, challenge and rewards of being a data professional - which often happen all on the same day! She talks about personal experiences to help navigate a career progression in Analytics.

In this video Edwina Dunn - the Godmother of Data - discusses her career in data and promotes the importance of supporting today's generation of data professionals and the next. Women in Data 2016.

Video of Sarah Hodgkins workshop at Women in Data 2016 in which she gives invaluable advice on career development.

In this video from Women in Data 2016 Emma Cosh speaks eloquently about about her passion for visualisation and its importance to data presentation.

This video captures the motivations of the WiD 2016 speakers and feedback from the delegates

Rachel Keane and Roisin McCarthy introduce WiD 2016

Payal Jain, Chair of WiD 2016, reflects on the year in data and the importance of Women in Data

Celia Wilson talks about the need for different temperaments in teams and her journey as a data professional and introvert.

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Speakers, Topics and Videos Women in Data 2015
Edwina Dunn

Founder and Chair of The Female Lead

Edwina Dunn joined CACI as a graduate and spent the early part of her career working with small area statistics and the OPCS Government (Census) data. She went on to found dunnhumby, which, in 1995, was taken up by Tesco as the approach for its Clubcard programme and became the first mass customisation marketing programme in the world. Customer insight and Clubcard rewards helped to transform Tesco from a secondary player in the UK to the significant market and global leader it is today. Edwina was responsible for the company commercially, guiding the company into new sectors and new markets. As well as growing dunnhumby’s team to span 30 offices worldwide, Edwina worked closely with international clients to embed true customer-centricity in their organisations.

Edwina is Founder and Chair of The Female Lead (not-for-profit), which celebrates the role women play across the world and aims to inspire youth with the many ways in which women can enjoy and celebrate success.

The Female Lead aims to make women’s stories more visible and to provide positive role models for future generations. Download The Female Lead information about scheduled film and book launches

Payal Jain

Managing Director and Chair of Women in Data 2016

Payal started her career at Barclays in 2000, on the graduate programme as a SAS analyst. Her career at Barclays spanned 16 years, where she performed in a number of P&L and analytical roles in the UK and Internationally. In her last role at Barclays, Payal became the Managing Director of Strategic Analytics, responsible for all the analytics its in European Credit Card division.

Payal completed a degree in mathematics and teaching at the University of Oxford, after which, went on to a gain a Masters in management science and operational research at Warwick Business School.

“It’s a privilege to work in analytics and have access to data,” says Payal. “As analytics professionals, we have the ability to drill into the data and see patterns emerging, which then enables us to derive value for the business. In years to come, I hope my legacy is that I’ve helped to get people passionate about analytics, ensuring it’s ingrained in a company’s DNA and giving individuals looking to enter the field the confidence to push the boundaries.”

Payal is passionate about encouraging more Women to progress their careers in data. She was the keynote speaker at the ‘Women in Data 2015’ conference, and now sits as Chair for the campaign.

Earlier this year, Payal was crowned the most influential data professional in the Big Data 100, and now works as an independent advisor, focusing on helping organisations deliver a step-change in performance through building a strong data analytics capability.

Caroline Florence
Caroline Florence

Founder of Insight Narrator

Caroline Florence is the founder of Insight Narrator, an independent training and coaching consultancy that helps professionals working with research and data increase the impact of what they do. Caroline is passionate about turning evidence based insights into commercially relevant stories that drive engagement with ideas, influence decision making, inspire others and improve results. A thought leader in business communication she regularly runs training session for The Market Research Society, Insight Management Academy and Chartered Institute of Marketing, as well as speaking at events held by ESOMAR, SCIP (Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals) and WiRE (Women in Research).

Prior to establishing Insight Narrator in 2012, Caroline spent 15 years working in market research, competitor intelligence and data analytics roles on the both supplier and client side, with companies as diverse as Masterfoods, Mitchells & Butlers and the Royal Mail Group. Whilst at Royal Mail, Caroline was responsible for establishing and leading a new team in the marketing services function to deliver market measurement models, econometrics, competitor intelligence, pricing and segmentation models to the business.

In her senior agency side role for Synovate/ Ipsos, Caroline held various leadership positions in both the UK and Australia and was responsible for motivating and coaching large teams of researchers and analysts to perform at their best and deliver real insights to clients across multiple sectors.

Georgina White
Georgina White

Head of Insight British Gas Residential Services

Georgina White is Head of Insight British Gas Residential Services, leading a team of analysts, consumer and competitor insight professionals. She is hugely passionate at putting the customer at the heart of an organisation to drive a successful and commercial outcome and is fortunate to lead a team of people who agree. Prior to British Gas, Georgina was Head of Consumer Insight at Capital One. Before discovering Insight, Georgina worked at Merrill Lynch where she was Head of Proposition Development team for their UK Mortgage Division. Outside of work, Georgina lives in south Bedfordshire with her husband and two dogs.

Jackie Clayton

Global Analytics Academy Director, AIMIA

Jackie has more than 10 years’ experience in retail analytics and combines a background in statistics with a passion for developing others. Following 5 years working in supply chain and marketing analytics for Safeway UK, Jackie joined Nectar, the UK’s leading coalition loyalty programme. In 2011, in response to business success and the increasing demand for high quality analysts, Jackie launched AIMIA’s Analytics Academy in the UK, and now leads AIMIA’s Global Analytics Academy.

Emma Cosh
Emma Cosh

Visualisation Director

Emma has 15 years experience across analytics, information design and data visualisation. She has led data driven teams at Capgemini, American Express and Tesco and is currently a freelance Data Visualisation Director. You can see her work and get in touch at www.egcosh.com

Sarah Hodgkins
Sarah Hodgkins

Executive Coach

A highly resourceful, relationship driven career development coach with wide cross‐ sector experience. Sarah excels in supporting her clients to create greater career possibilities, helping them move forward with a clearer understanding of their unique platform of success and confidence, thus “creating the edge”. Her strength lies in her ability to maintain the human connection whilst facilitating business focused outcomes. She believes passionately that we all have the ability to overcome our inhibitors and that from within, we all have the potential to achieve if we are motivated and believe in ourselves.

Kate Ross Smith
Kate Ross Smith

Data Scientist

Kate is an engineer who confesses to three major loves in her working life: puzzles, technology and being sneaky. Working with data is always about working out how to get the most elegant solution possible to tricky business issues from the technology available; a challenge that Kate steps up to every time! As a data scientist at Mango Solutions, she delivers analytics consultancy and training to a whole host of super imaginative customers who have an amazing thirst for learning. Specialising in helping customers define and secure their data architecture, Kate has the privilege of working with both Mango’s awesomely clever mathematical types who want R and Python to slowly take over the world, and our thoroughly brilliant data engineers who serve up complex technology as quickly as you can say “cloud computing”. As for what she means about “being sneaky”, you’ll just have to ask her.

Nadine Kean
Nadine Keane

Certified Analytics Professional

Nadine is an Institute of Management Science and Operations Research Certified Analytics Professional (CAP®, INFORMS), with over fifteen years experience developing strategy and teams to provide data solutions that have driven business growth and exceptional customer experience. Nadine’s career includes ten years in customer research and analytics focused roles at Apple, leading to Senior Analytics Lead within Apple Operations Decision Support. Nadine has recently set up Betsson Group’s Data Science team and held the Director of Insight role for the Group. Nadine achieved a B.A. Hons in Management Science and Information Systems from Trinity College the University of Dublin in 2000, a First Class Hons MBS in International Business from Waterford Institute of Technology and in 2014/15 completed with distinction a Coursera Data Science Specialization from John’s Hopkins University.

Celia Wilson
Celia Wilson

Director of Data Business partnering

Celia is a leading customer data specialist, managing the award-winning Guardian customer data management and strategy over the last 18 months. The emphasis is on promoting a reader-focussed culture, encouraging colleagues across departments to build audience needs into their decision-making. This enables the Guardian to continue driving value from readers during a challenging time in the publishing industry. Before joining the Guardian in 2014, she co-founded and managed a small but highly respected analytics agency, and has extensive experience across both traditional and innovative digital organisations, including Royal Mail and Skype.

The Topics
Georgina White

Driving Action with Insight and Data to drive commercial outcome

  • How to land great insight and drive action
  • Focusing on being a brilliant business partner

Celia Wilson

My confidence journey in data

Women are more likely than men to suffer from confidence and self-esteem issues, and women in data are especially likely to tend towards introversion. But for a career in data, confidence is an important skill: it gives us the ability to tell stories, challenge accepted truths, and generally rock the boat! So how do we close the confidence gap? Drawing on her twelve years' experience in the data industry, Celia will talk through some of the tools and techniques that have helped, and role models that have inspired.

Emma Cosh

A Vizzable Career

How do you prepare for a career that doesn’t exist yet? Emma will talk about the decisions and inspiration that led her to data visualisation, and what it’s like to work at the crossover of art, science, and business.

Nadine Keane

Navigating the Analytics Practitioner to Analytics Manager Career Path

The data field is exciting, challenging and rewarding - often all on the same day! Keeping up with advances in data techniques and technologies definitely adds to the challenge, but also to the excitement. Managing data and managing people are two very different things, and both are hugely rewarding. Nadine will share tips and personal experiences for navigating career progression in analytics, including insights into the difference between individual contributor and manager roles in data.

Caroline Florence

Begin with the end in mind: How getting a great brief leads to greater impact

"Failing to plan is planning to fail" (by Alan Lakein, author of How to Get Control of Your Time and Your Life).

This sounds sensible, but when everything is needed "yesterday" it is tempting to rush straight in to your work in an attempt to deliver an answer to the business in record time and tick the task of your to do list.

Time to think and plan, rather than do, feels like a luxury, not a necessity.

But imagine if you spent just 1 more hour a week planning and you used this time to think about, challenge and reconstruct briefs from stakeholders within your business. How more effective and impactful could your analysis be?

In this session we cover the tools and techniques to make the most of that planning hour to ensure greater value from your work.

Jackie Clayton

How to make headlines Delivering the perfect data presentation

How much time do you spend preparing to communicate your analysis? Communication can make or break a good analytical story. In this session we will look at the creation and delivery of your key message and how this can increase the impact of your work. It’s time to put yourself and your profile on the front page.

Sarah Hodgkins

Being a career activist

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What do you need to do to get there?

Kate Ross Smith

R Programming Workshop

The usage of R has evolved dramatically over recent years and it is now one of the most widely used statistical programming languages. This workshop will cover the R landscape today and highlight many of the most popular packages (the so-called “Hadleyverse” or “tidyverse”). The workshop will focus on the language of R via the user friendly RStudio IDE, to perform a simple workflow, import data, and perform some manipulation and visualisation. Finally a reporting session will cover the rmarkdown and shiny packages.

The Female Lead

The Female Lead aims to make women’s stories more visible and to provide positive role models for future generations. The Female Lead is multi-platform

  • An online resource featuring videos, interviews, news and views at thefemalelead.com.
  • A book of 60 remarkable women with original portraits by internationally renowned portrait photographer, Brigitte Lacombe and in-depth video interviews with each woman by documentary maker, Marian Lacombe.
  • An outreach programme targeted at younger women to offer alternative role models to those ever-present in popular culture.
Download The Female Lead information about scheduled launches

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UCL Human Resources - Athena SWAN Awards

What is Athena SWAN?
Launched in June 2005, the Athena SWAN charter recognises and celebrates good employment practices for women working in higher education...
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